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Italians do it better

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MadonnaDo you remember Madonna’s great slogan of the ’80’s ‘Italians do it better’?

If you’re over a certain age OR you like all things ’80’s, you might know of it. And you might appreciate why, at Dolcino, we love it so much – just as we love Madonna! Not to appear too arrogant, of course, we wouldn’t want to claim Italians do everything better, just certain things…

Gelato-making and coffee

And, you guessed it, these are both products we are proud to serve as Italian-made at Dolcino. Our gelato is made in store by Andrea, our Italian gelato-maker. Andrea trained for a year in Italy before working several seasons in some of the busiest gelaterias in the world on the Italian coastline. He knows his stuff and works alongside Francesco, one of our founders and himself the descendant of several generations of gelato-makers.

Our coffee is produced by our partner in Italy, MOGI, a truly ethical Italian coffee-maker. We tasted over 50 blends of coffee before settling on the one MOGI provides us with, and we know our beans. Between us we have tens of years of experience in selling coffee both in the UK and back home in Italy.

What else do Italians do better?

Design, we love all things design. Did you know that on Italian soil resides a whopping quarter of all of the world’s UNESCO sites? Yes, a whole quarter. It’s no wonder, that with Italy produces some of the world’s best designers, artists and architects as Italian children grow up with beauty and design on their doorstep.

Dolcino scooterDolcino was designed by Francesco and Kirsten Arcadio with the help of a truly gifted architect, Matt, and no stone was left unturned in creating both the brand and the interior of the store. Meeting stringent accessibility standards, the store is navigable if you’re pushing a buggy (even a double one) or a wheelchair user.

The design is funky and innovative whilst retaining the kind of sleek simplicity you might expect in a smart gelateria. Combined with smart black, the Dolcino blue is based on Francesco’s other great love, the Bianchi bike – two of which you’ll see hanging on the walls of the elevated section. And on the other walls you’ll see large prints mostly of photos taken by the Arcadio family on their travels around Italy. You’ll spot Francesco’s bike in one of them and his home town, Rome, in another. Then, another still, depicts a scene in the most iconic Italian city of all, Venice.

So. When we say that we’d like our customers to enjoy the funky, Italian ambiance of Dolcino, we really mean it – it took us a long time to design the place to look just right!

We hope you agree, that when it comes to a modern gelateria-café, Italians do it better!

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