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Food for thought

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Food isn’t ever just food, is it?

It’s so much more: the memory of hundreds of years of tradition, of communities sharing meals, marking occasions and celebrating festivities. Every morsel carries some meaning, a piece of history, no matter how small that has been developed throughout years of caring for and sharing with others.

An Anglo-Italian cafe concept

The family behind Dolcino is proudly Anglo-Italian and we think our cafe concept reflects who we are. On one side of the family, we are descended from several generations of gelato makers, chefs and coffee bar proprietors. We’ve been making gelato since post war times, when grandfather, ‘Nonno Ciccio’ made and sold gelato on is tricycle. After he moved to Rome in the 1950s the family branched out into cafes that sold not only gelato but breakfast, lunch and dinner too. And, of course, the high standard of coffee we still pride ourselves on today, at Dolcino.

But we’re also half English, a family that loves nothing better than a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Preceded by a cheese and ham toastie some days, too. We’re a big family with a foot in several generations – from 5 to 85 years old – and everybody likes to have a say in the food and drink they want to see sold at Dolcino. So whilst our teens like their shakes and waffles and our Generation X’ers their speciality coffee and handmade gelato, we also like to ensure our Baby Boomers are happy too (back to the toasties and cake)!

With this in mind, we have a range of offers to tempt you.

Our offers

Waffle Wednesday – popular with students, this offer gives you 25-50% off all waffles from 1pm on Wednesdays.

Mid-week toastie & hot drink offer – look out for this one Monday to Friday when you can get a toasted sandwich and a hot drink for under £4.

Flash sales – we’ll keep posting these on social media, so keep an eye out for them!

So we hope you enjoy everything that Dolcino has to offer. Even more than this, we want to make you part of the Dolcino family, part of new traditions, shared memories and festivities. Meet your friends and share a drink and a snack on a Friday evening or a Saturday afternoon after-shopping treat. Book a kids’ party or a Christmas do.

Whatever you do, make some food-related memories of your own.

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