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For a long time now, we’ve been listening to customer comments about sustainability. We know that plastic straws and take-away packaging can be problematic and like many other small businesses in our sector, we face serious challenges in this area.

What have we done for sustainability?

Here’s a run through what we’ve done so far:

  • We use degradable packaging for our take-outs and deliveries.
  • We’ve replaced the plastic straws used in shakes and cold drinks with paper ones.
  • We’ve made glass cups available next to our water jugs for those who want to use those instead of a plastic cup.
  • We know that many of you would like a re-usable cup option, so we have some re-usable Dolcino travel mugs available to buy. You can also bring in your own cup. Both ways, you’ll be able to get 25p off your coffees, teas and other hot drinks each time you use a re-usable cup.

Why not visit Dolcino today to see what we’re doing for sustainability? Could we do more? Let us have your suggestions.

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