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The Perfect Flat White

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Espresso1 October is International Coffee Day! 

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – International Coffee Day is coming on 1 October. And as coffee is a subject very close to our hearts, we thought we’d celebrate International Coffee Day by sharing some facts about Dolcino’s coffee with you:

Dolcino in your city centre

In Nottingham, Dolcino is located in the very heart of the city with views over Old Market Square from the first floor.  You can sip your coffee watching the world go by, maybe with one our traditional Italian cannolini, a savoury snack or a cake. Our Loughborough store has a great location too – right next to the Town Hall with plenty of outdoor seating for you to relax and watch the world go by.

Family-run coffee bar

Dolcino is owned by the Arcadio family who used to own successful coffee bars in Rome before moving to the UK to continue working in the coffee trade 20 years ago. Our long experience in the industry keeps us at the sharp end of new trends and techniques.

Authentic Italian coffee

However, we recognise the importance of sticking to our roots. Authentic Italian coffee can be hard to come by, especially now that many of the international chains have increased portion sizes to the extent that any sane Italian would barely still recognise the drinks as ‘coffee’. So we offer coffees of sensible proportions that retain a rich espresso taste.

Home-roasted coffee

Good Italian coffee is important to us, which is why we took the decision to roast our own coffee beans on site in Nottingham. That way, we can get the taste just right. If you haven’t visited us yet, we’ve been open in Nottingham since mid-April 2017 and would love to see you there!

The perfect Flat White

Our coffee is popular with anyone who likes Italian coffee, but one of our favourites is the Flat White. We use it as a test for staff who have completed our thorough barista training as it requires a superior knowledge of how to operate the coffee machine and get the steamed milk running consistently through the espresso whilst preserving the crema. If you can do a perfect Flat White, you’ll be able to do all the others.

Great coffee prices

However, we do a mean authentic Italian Espresso too, one many local Italians agree is the best around and the cheapest at just £1.65.

Ethical and Fairtrade coffee brands

In both stores we also offer a blend produced by MOGI caffe, a family-run roastery in Bergamo, Milan who makes a medium roast blend from 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta to create a perfect ‘round’ coffee taste in the mouth. MOGI is an organisation committed to ethical working practices in both the sourcing and processing of their coffee beans. In order to protect biodiversity, they use coffee beans not grown in extensive cultivations. This also ensures a richer aroma.

We have a one-plantation Fairtrade blend on sale in both stores too.

Pre-order your coffee fix

You can pre-order our coffee using our pre-ordering app (available in the Apple Store or Google Play). Or you can order via the website. Just a couple of clicks whilst you’re en-route to us and we’ll have your drinks ready by the time you arrive.

Our new autumn drinks range

We like to innovate and we’re constantly inventing new coffee-based drinks. Look out for our new autumn coffees, including the Tiramisu Cappuccino, the Mochato (mocha with a scoop of gelato), the Pistachiato (pistachio macchiato) and the Salted Caramel Latte.

Enjoy your coffee! And don’t forget to tell us what you thought of it.

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