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Handmade at Dolcino

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Making gelatoYou may have heard that term, ‘artisan’, being bandied about. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? And most of the time its meaning can be a little wishy-washy.

So let’s be clear about what it means for us at Dolcino. It means hand-made freshly on-site. And at Dolcino we make quite a few products this way. The most important one is gelato, which we make from scratch using a pasteuriser¬†and a state of the art Carpigiani ice-cream making machine in each of our stores.

This gives us the flexibility to experiment with new flavours and also use a range of different ingredients. Want a vegan option but don’t like soya milk? Then we’ll do a gelato made from almond milk. Or, you’ve tasted a gelato flavour on holiday and just can’t find it anywhere since coming home? No problem, we’ll give it a whirl. Just contact us on our email or via one of our social media accounts.

Food, handmade for you whilst you wait

However, we also make a few other products on site:

  • Crepes
  • Waffles
  • Sandwiches
  • Brownies
  • Selected cakes and muffins*

If you watch closely as we work behind the bar, you’ll see us putting the crepe and waffle mixes (which we prepare at the beginning of each day) directly onto the crepe and waffle irons before loading them up with fresh sweet or savoury ingredients.

*We don’t make all of the cakes on site and we wouldn’t want to try and make the gluten-free range on site, for example, as we prefer to be absolutely sure they are made in a gluten-free environment.


Wherever possible, we use fruit and vegetables that are locally produced for our sweet and savoury food and milk from a local farm for our gelato. We hope you can taste the enhanced flavour as we feel it contributes to a fresher and tastier product. Where we can’t buy locally, we work with ethical and independent suppliers, for example MOGI coffee in Italy, MOMA porridge and TWIST teas, to name a few.

Do you have any feedback for us on our food and drink or our gelato? Please send it to us via email, or Facebook messenger (on the Dolcino Loughborough or Dolcino Nottingham accounts), and don’t forget to fill out a feedback card and pop it in the feedback box in store, too.

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