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Gelato heaven

Posted in Dolcino delights

When those winter blues hit, there’s nothing more satisfying than a luxurious dessert or gelato treat. And when it comes to where to find them, we’ve got the inside scoop on the best Italian sorbets, gelato and more to see you through.

Sweet gelato

For your gelato fix, first choose whether you’re after fresh and fruity or rich and creamy. Remember, gelato tends to be sweet, rich and silky, unlike ice cream, which is airy and fluffy in texture. Ice cream is nothing to scream about! If you need a dairy-free or you’re looking for a lighter option, however, you could try one of our refreshing fruit sorbets. At Dolcino, we make our artisan gelato every day on site using family recipes and gelato-making techniques. We also use fresh and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients.

Buy a tub

If you fancy a whole 1kg tub, you can drop in to buy one of those too. You can try one of our mainstay flavours, like vanilla, Oreo, pistachio or milk chocolate, or get adventurous and try something different. At Dolcino we introduce new flavours every week for you to try, like Raffaello White Chocolate, Twist on Twix or Lemon Meringue. Read more about the full complement of flavours we’ve produced over the last year – if you want us to re-make one of these, let us know and we’ll do it.

Mix your own gelato

If you want to experiment with your own gelato mix, you can ask us to blend your choice of gelato flavours on the cold stone to create something bespoke and brand new!

So this weekend, why not venture out and sample a cup of our delicious gelato or one of our gelato-based desserts? Use our pre-order app (available on the App Store or Google Play) if you’re short of time and remember, you can book a table on the app too.

If you really can’t get out, there’s always Deliveroo.

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