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Artisan gelato

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Did you know that gelato is an Italian version of ice cream which dates back to the 15th century?

It’s a more natural, yet luxurious form of the dessert that enhances the quality of great basic ingredients.

A healthier ice cream

Gelato is healthier than ice cream because it contains less fat and if – as in Dolcino’s case – it’s truly artisan, only natural ingredients. It has more substance than ice cream too, because it is churned for longer at a slower pace and therefore locks in less air and more flavour.

This gelato-making process allows the full flavour of the taste to prevail over the milky base. Why? The fact that it contains less cream means that the final product can be served at a higher temperature than ice cream.

Artisan made

Dolcino produces artisan gelato: this means that we start with highest quality basic produce and pastes. The flavour may vary according to the season due to fluctuations in richness of the milk but we continuously account for this by tweaking the proportions of sugars accordingly.

Seasonal and Fresh

At Dolcino we believe that all products are better when in season. That is why we have a range of seasonal sorbetti and gelati based on fresh produce our local greengrocers and market stalls can supply us with.

We also firmly believe that the only way to guarantee quality is to check the origin of all the products and suppliers we use. We prefer to work with independent family businesses and buy local whenever possible.

Buying from local suppliers

Finally, we respect the environment in whatever we do. Sourcing milk, vegetables and fruit from local farms and traders whenever we can is just a small, but important step toward a “zero miles economy”.

Come and taste our gelato today

We only use our own, freshly-made artisan Gelato in our shakes, sundaes and as an accompaniment to all our sweet crepes and waffles and we hope you can taste the difference!

Check out the menu for our freshly-made Gelato based desserts.

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